quinta-feira, outubro 23, 2008

Já não há fachos como antigamente

Jörg Haider 'was the man of my life'

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Anónimo disse...

I hadn't seen that!

It is amazing that he is speaking about the feelings he had for Haider to the press, considering the party he leads..

Oppenheimer disse...

Dear Aurora

Yeah, apparently Haider's bissexuality was an open secret and the Austrian press mostly held back from reporting on his private life. What is interesting is that apparently, in the Europe of the XXI. century, these extreme right-wing movements (and their core electorates) are not as homophobic as their XX. predecessors. I guess that is confusing coming from countries where the right-wing is so indebted to the church. To put it simply, Catholics hate gays and are ok with foreigners. Extreme right-wingers are ok with gays as long as they have the right colour.